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Colorado Construction Institute (CCI) wants to help schools across the nation bridge the attainment gap and develop the next generation of vocational professionals. That’s why we built the Training Toolkit, a free, open resource for teaching vocational career pathways.


Construction Skills Training-2

Construction Skills Training

Access tools to teach foundational lessons and advanced carpentry skills, like presentations, handouts, and instructor notes. 

Project-Based Learning Model

Project-based learning tools include worksheets and templates that students use to develop, build and analyze their own hands-on projects. This project-based learning model prepares youth for a variety of careers.

Project Based Learning Model (1)
Build Project Library

Build Project Library

Download plans, instructor notes and 3-D modeling files for a variety of build projects designed to provide engaging learning experiences for students of all skill levels. 

User-Generated Content

Submit additions to the curriculum, build projects, and activities. Plus, view input from your peers.

User Generated Content
Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

View daily lesson plans, instructor notes, and tutorial videos to teach a variety of youth and adult courses.

HBA-logo-circle“CCI’s training programs have been a huge success for our industry. We’re excited they are now able to share their expertise with other organizations by developing the Training Toolkit.”

Craig Campbell
President, Home Builders Association of Metro Denver​

Why open educational resources?

CCI uses the Training Toolkit curricula for all of our programs: Denver YouthBuild, Construction Bootcamps and Building Pathways. By making the Training Toolkit available to other schools and training organizations as an open resource, we are able to collaborate with users to deliver the best programming possible.

Over the years, we have figured out best practices for delivering construction training curriculum to youth and adults. Industry professionals, educators, and students benefit from our decision to open the Training Toolkit to the public:


needs new workforce pipelines.


want to provide career pathways for all students.


deserve the best education possible.